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Yellowstone Lake

"While I sat on the shore of Yellowstone Lake, a thunderstorm came from the south.  I was able to enjoy the rumble of the thunder as it came across the lake without getting wet."  August Holland. ( Original oil painting, 14 x 40 inches)

Galilee - Great Ship

"The Galilee' encapsulates all the romance, adventure and drama of the days of sail.  The painting shows her on her way to Tahiti somewhere in the Pacific."  August Holland (Original Oil painting, 20 x 30 inches)


The Pearl of Wisdom by August Holland

Early in his career, August Holland was commissioned by publishers to produce works depicting exotic themes (Tiki Art).  Thousands of prints of these works were sold by department stores and furniture stores throughout the United States.

The work "The Pearl of Wisdom" was the most popular. It featured a Maori idol holding a bowl of light and Polynesian masks and themes.  Thousands of prints of this work are framed and hanging in homes throughout the world.

This work was printed by Goes Lithographing

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August Holland painting in his studio
August Holland was born in Mendota, Illinois, a part of the country known for cornfields, not grand oceans and beautiful water; but this down-to-earth, hardworking midwesterner has become a renowned maritime artist. Holland traces his artistic interest to an uncle who handed him his first brush and canvas at the age of six and said, "Don't just watch, do it!" 

He received formal training at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and has been featured in Sea Classics Magazine. He was commissioned by The United States Commemorative Fine Arts Gallery.



  From Sea to Shining Sea (very popular print from the late 1990's)


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