August Holland
Great maritime artist from Illinois

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Early Works (thousands of prints in circulation)

August Holland was commissioned by several publishers in the 1960's and 1970's to produce works with subjects selected by the publishers that included the following subjects:

- Romantic Themes

- Tiki Art (exotic themes and locations)

- Famous Books

- Animals

- Religious Themes

- Seascapes

Thousands of these prints were sold through hundreds of department stores, furniture stores and galleries in the United States and Canada.


I own one of these paintings, what is it worth ?


It is most likely that you own a framed print and not the original oil painting. The original oil paintings for many of these prints were kept in ownership with August Holland (some were sold through Merrill Chase Galleries).  Some of the prints were transferred to canvas, giving them an appearance similar to the original oil paintings, but they are prints. Thousands of these prints were framed and sold through department stores and galleries. There is no specific guideline for pricing the resale of framed prints.  Original oil paintings by August Holland sell for thousands of dollars, but framed prints like the examples below probably sold for between $75 and $400 when sold in stores and galleries (depending on the size of the print, canvas or paper, and the quality of the framing).  The current resale price for these framed prints is what someone will pay for it and may be lower than the price paid when first sold by the store or gallery.


Romantic Themes

A Rose by Any Name

A Rose by Any Name (this collection is related to Romeo and Juliet - example: the balcony)
(note, prints of this painting were produced on both canvas and paper)






Tiki Art

The Pearl of Wisdom

The Pearl of Wisdom


Drums of the Night


Famous Books

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights


The Raven

The Raven



King of the Golden Glen




Always Alert



Religious Themes

A Net Cast in the Sea



From Sea to Shining Sea by August Holland

From Sea to Shining Sea (popular print from the late 1990's)


Other Themes

Tomorrow is Here to Stay




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