August Holland
Great maritime artist from Illinois

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Portfolio 2 - Seascapes and Landscapes
High Quality Prints How to order
Storytelling, prints available
print size approximately 10 x 22 inches, price per print:  $150


The Bowdoin, prints available
The Bowdoin
Admiral MacMillan's Arctic schooner
print size approximately 16 x 20 inches, price per print:  $300


Aftenoon Shadow, prints available
Afternoon Shadows
print size approximately 17 x 22 inches, price per print:  $300


Along the Trail, prints available
Along the Trail
print size approximately 22 x 30 inches, price per print:  $350 (includes shipping)


Boston Head Light, prints available
Boston Head Light
print size approximately 16 x 20 inches, price per print:  $300


Poverty Island Light, prints available
Poverty Island Light
print size approximately 16 x 20 inches, price per print:  $300


The Windy, prints available
"The Windy", Chicago in background
print size approximately 16 x 20 inches, price per print:  $300


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How to order prints:

High-quality, limited edition Giclée prints of the paintings above are available for purchase.  The prints include a Certificate of Authenticity.

  High quality prints are ready for framing.


Two ways to purchase prints:

1. Contact Judith Holland at the following e-mail address:

In your e-mail include the name and number of prints you wish to purchase and the city and state of your location.  Judith will reply with the total cost of the prints plus shipping and a suggested method of payment. 

2. Prints may be purchased through one of the following Galleries and shops:  Landmarks GalleryKavanaugh Art GalleryWatefront Gallery, and Lighthouse Inn

Giclée (zhee-clay) is a French term meaning "spray of ink". This is the basis for Giclée reproductions.  The reproductions are printed using an Iris Inkjet Printer, which displaces 1800 dpi (dots per inch) of ink in the four colors required for proper reproductions as used in four color separation technology.  In the scanning process the original artwork is mounted to a large drum, over which a scanning head passes in very close proximity to the canvas.  As the drum rotates at a high rate of speed, the scanning head records the image into a digital file, which is received by a computer. The printing process is the reverse of scanning, whereby the image is placed onto the paper by applying the four colors simultaneously, rather than one at a time as done in the four color printing process.  The drum rotates at a high rate of speed, and the inkjets travel across the paper very slowly, laying down all four colors.  The paper used is 330gm Somerset.  Color registration is exact which makes the proofing process shorter. Iris Giclée prints are widely accepted by galleries and museums.

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